Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Blame Game

An APFA hotline came out a few days ago, full of the usual bs.  What I've noticed in recent years is that the APFA administration is excellent at placing blame, but not at accepting responsibility or solving problems.  A few examples from Laura's latest ranting:

Blame: "What is important to remember is that we did not get to this place because of the events of the past few months. The situation we are in today is a result of a decade of poor business decisions by management, which resulted in a weaker product and the lowest employee morale this company has ever seen."

Reality: Very few of us like some of the decisions management has made in the last few years, especially the bankruptcy filing.  But Laura acts as if she bears no responsibility for not getting a deal done to avoid that very bankruptcy.  It takes two to tango, sister.

Blame: "And no matter how you look at it, bankruptcy is no friend to labor. It is designed to allow companies to shed their debt and restructure their business plan, all while being protected from those they owe. Unfortunately, we have recently been forced to divert our energy to protection and self-preservation. Over the past decade, our brothers and sisters throughout the industry grappled with the challenges of bankruptcy and consolidation. Just as we stood by them then, they stand by us today."

Reality: There was a degree of self-preservation in striking a deal (finally!) with American's negotiating team.  But at what cost?  We are losing some of the most experienced people we have to early retirement.  And how are other airline's unions standing by us today, exactly?  What help have we received from anyone?

Blame: "Please take care of yourselves and each other. Follow the APFA Hotline for the latest information. Take a moment to sign the petition to the AMR Board encouraging them to support a merger with US Airways. Know that it has never been more important than it is today to remind this management team exactly where you stand."

Reality: Supporting a merger with US Airways doesn't solve anything.  It creates all kinds of new problems.  I'm sure Laura would love to be absolved of all responsibility regarding the fate our company and union, but that's not how accountability works.  She can't just pass the buck to her boyfriend Doug Parker and walk away cleanly.

The next few months are going to be critical for our airline and the future of our careers.  Be vocal, be active.  And if you want a petition to sign, forget about US Airways.  Let's get rid of Laura so that we can install effective leadership.

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  1. No thanks! We have enough to deal with and don't need to become embroiled in another TWAesque contract dispute. I'm sure some TWAers thought that AA would be their salvation, but found out the hard way that it was not the case. So really, Laura, you want another TWA situation on your hands especially because we are coming in from a position of weakness?