Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glading: I support a merger because it benefits me

Our dear Laura recently sat down for an interview with the Fort Worth Star Telegram to talk about the bankruptcy.  It sure sounded like she has her own interests at heart more than that of APFA members.  When asked about why she supports a merger with US Airways, this paragraph of stupidity was her response:

"We have to look at the industry and see what’s happened with other mergers. Having two giant network carriers instead of three makes it even more expensive for the passengers. I think when you have three there is more competition and more competitiveness. I’d also like to point out that despite what’s happening at American, you really need to look at United and Delta and see how they’ve grown and really stabilized and that was a result of growing and getting stronger."

Laura is right about one thing: We do have to look at the industry and see what has happened with other mergers.

Continental/United: Job losses before the merger ink was dry and larger financial losses a year later

Delta/Northwest: The whole company except the pilots went non-union

America West/US Airways: Remember the hub at Pittsburgh?  And the one in Las Vegas?  Neither do the out-of-work HP and US employees whose jobs that merger killed.  And those who remained are still working as two separate companies.  Strike!

And no, Laura- having a third "giant network carrier" would not help passengers.  It would raise fares.  More airlines = more competition.  You're welcome for the Economics 101 lesson.

So what does a girl want?  To be head of a national union and get the pay and benefits that go along with that?  No... Laura works for the people!

And by "the people" I mean US Airways execs Doug Parker and Scott Kirby.

Do we really need a union leader who has been bought and paid for by another airline?


  1. This says it all! Laura is about Laura and nothing more. Why else would she be so eager to feed us to the US Airways wolves?

  2. Having a big job in a national union is pretty enticing. Not only does it mean more dues paying members, but a higher paycheck. Laura has done real good!

  3. Get a life, sky waitresses. Laura is very smart and fair. Who else are you going to get to run your stupid union? Liz Geiss? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!