Friday, October 19, 2012

Laura is "baffled"

Laura Glading really shouldn't be allowed to give interviews.  She puts her foot in her mouth more than Joe Biden.  This week she spoke to the Star Telegram, and let's just say it did not go well.  Laura may be "baffled" by Tom Horton's optimism, but many of her own flight attendants are baffled by her irrational grudges and obsession with a US Airways merger.

Following are some gems from the conversation:

"If it takes American Airlines a little longer to restructure in bankruptcy, that's fine with the president of the flight attendants union."

Is Laura mentally impaired?  American would be profitable right now if it weren't for the bankruptcy costs.  The sooner we get out, the better for everyone!  How much is US Airways paying her to read from their script?

"I really think these things take time and they can't be rushed..."

It's been a year.  Do we want to be United and stay in for four years, letting the lawyers bleed us dry?

"I think that there's overwhelming support now for the merger..."

Oh?  Then why have so many AA flight attendants told you to your face that they're against it?  You may be able to lie to the rest of the world, but some of us know the truth.

On the pilot delays: "The flight attendants were incredibly quiet and I don't think there was any ... finger-pointing."

That whole sick out crap cost us money.  Real wages that we use to pay things like rent and buy gas.  Why aren't you sticking up for the people you are supposed to represent?

Thankfully it appears that it was a short interview.  That, or those were the only mildly useful bits the reporter could get out of her.

Here's my point for the day: Laura won reelection by a small margin.  Clearly things have changed a lot since she won.  Knowing what you know now, would you vote for her again?  We need to take action and recall her before she causes even more damage.

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  1. What's baffling is that she stands by Doug Parker and the merger mania even though a lot of us are screaming that we do not want to be sold out. We all know the sordid details of the HP/US merger. Laura baffles us when she continues to push us down that same path.

  2. US folks are still struggling after several years of contract non-negotiations and infighting. It is baffling that Laura thinks this is a good thing for us.