Friday, September 28, 2012

US Airways flight attendants reject contract deal

What hell is Laura Glading trying to drag us into?

Yesterday flight attendants at US Airways voted to reject a contract offer endorsed by their union.  This is not the first but the second time this year that they have rejected a deal.

This means that FA's at US are still working under separate contracts between East and West - five years after America West and US Air "merged".  The pilots have also not agreed to a joint contract.

For those paying attention, here is the real story: US Airways operates as two airlines, the old America West (West) and the old US Airways (East).  It's such a mess that flight attendants and pilots from one can't work routes or aircraft from the other.

And now our Dear Leader Laura Glading wants to take us straight into this disaster.

I have to ask - if we're going to operate as three separate airlines under a single name, what's really the point of merging?

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  1. We know Laura made a deal with the devil here. A lot of us wonder what would have happened if she had stayed more focused on our AA contract...bigger equity stake or better wage increases, who knows? Interestingly enough, no one believes Parker will be able to pay what he has promised. No thanks to this mess!