Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Laura Glading, devoted mother, union leader and merger advocate

There's a ridiculous article floating around the news websites this week about how Laura Glading is "US Airways, AMR merger's biggest advocate", union leader and mom.  Those three things don't have to do with each other in the way you might expect.

Merger Advocate and Union Leader

There's no doubt about this one.  Laura has been pushing HARD for this merger since the first reports of it hit the media months ago.  She has flown out to stand side by side with Doug Parker, and has done everything but claim him as the messiah of American Airlines.

But in this, is she doing her job to protect her flight attendants?  The fact is that she did not negotiate any sort of seniority protection with US Airways.  A merger would be a crapshoot, with AA flight attendants having to fight hard for every spot on a combined list.

And don't forget that since AA has more flight attendants, the APFA would probably be the surviving union.  I'm sure Laura is salivating at all that new dues money so she can pay herself an even higher six figure salary.


Why would the "reporter" even bring this into the story?  Does it have some relevance to her support for a US Airways merger?  The only connection I see is that she condescends to her membership and treats us all like children.  Mother knows best, right Laura?

If we don't act now and remove Laura from office, who knows the damage she could do?  Do you want to trust your future to someone who doesn't have a grasp on the important merger issues?

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  1. I almost gagged when I read the full article. Gee Laura, it's nice your son thinks you are such a great flight attendant leader but how about the rest of us who feel like we are being led down a road of no return with this US merger? With the secretive dealings with Parker, you really start wondering if more members, dues, higher APFA salary, and glory is the big push behind this.