Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ten questions about a US Airways merger

It's no secret that we're not huge fans of Laura Glading around here.  In part that's because we're skeptical about her obsessive desire to merge with US Airways.

But in the interest of fairness, we would like to give Laura and the APFA leadership the opportunity to answer some important questions that ALL of us should be asking about a merger with US Airways:

  1. What specifically will you do to protect APFA member seniority during a merger?
  2. Will you use the merger as an opportunity finally fix the injustices done to the former TWA flight attendants?
  3. Can you guarantee that we will have APFA (and not AFA) after the merger?
  4. It took more than four years for the US Airways and America West flight attendants to integrate on a single contract.  Will you give us a reasonable timeline for integration?  Will you stick to it?  How?
  5. Will you promise to hold a fresh leadership election after the groups have been integrated?
  6. Will you put it in writing that there will be NO job losses and NO hub or base closures during the first five years after a merger?
  7. Will you put it in writing that we will get the best provisions from each of our existing contracts?
  8. Will you promise to attend as many bargaining sessions as the company will schedule?
  9. Will you reduce any union officer salaries to the average made by a flight attendant?
  10. Will you promise not to raise dues as a result of the merger?

My friends, until we have answers and written promises about these open questions, it's just not wise for us to support Laura's push for a US Airways merger, or for her to be our leader.

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