Thursday, January 17, 2013

APFA membership and the MOU

It won't be any surprise to regular readers of this blog, but I have a bone to pick with APFA leadership.

Everyone knows that last year we came to an agreement with US Airways about pay and benefits after a merger (if that happens, which looks more and more likely).  Earlier this month we reached a MOU (memorandum of understanding) about the merger. This document was negotiated in secret, and is being kept secret from APFA members, with no opportunity for us to vote on it or even discuss its terms.

Why does our leadership insist on operating in secret?  And why should we trust that these "leaders" like Laura Glading really have our best interests at heart?  A very reliable source told me that some of Laura's people were out shopping for new office space recently.  Is that where their focus is - on securing the new corner office?  By all appearances they do not give a damn about the membership!

The APFA Code of Conduct states that "The APFA seeks an atmosphere wherein all flight attendants conduct themselves in a manner which promotes unity and strength..."  Where is the unity in negotiating a secret agreement?  Where is the strength in keeping members totally in the dark?

Union are supposed to be democratic entities.  And a merger would be a very big deal for our careers.  We deserve a vote on the MOU, bottom line!

Maybe if there had been a merger vote in 2000, the TWA flight attendants would not have been screwed.


  1. Before typing you should try some research, that is if you do not understand what an MOU is.

    If you do understand what an MOU is, then you are guilty of misleading your co workers and at this stage of the game you need to be unified.

  2. The thing is that the MOU is going to dictate our future. We have every right to be suspect of what Laura and her chums are bargaining for us since every deal made with Parker has been done under the veil of secrecy. The poor relationship between Parker and his flight attendants should also make one think twice about what kind of situation we may be forced into.

    What is so misleading about that?

  3. The pilots MOU $500 million! TWU MOU 4.3 raise. APFA MOU...uh, I don't know nothing. APFA has given no details.