Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AFA to fight merger election

This might be the best piece of news I've heard in a long time.  I've spent the last several days confirming and reconfirming, and two knowledgeable people (in a position to know) tell me that the AFA is gearing up to fight to represent a combined American-US Airways flight attendant group.

I'm still not in favor of a merger, but if it's going to happen we might as well get something big out of it.  This will be our chance to get rid of Glading once and for all.

Right now the AFA represents about 6,700 FA's at US Airways, and the APFA represents about 15,000 of us at American.  At first the numbers would seem to be overwhelmingly in APFA's favor.  But strong support of AFA at US Airways, and growing unhappiness with APFA leadership at American, have convinced AFA leadership to challenge the APFA for representation rights for the combined group.

No doubt Laura and her cronies will pull every dirty trick they can think of to hold on to power.  But there is enough dissatisfaction among AA FA's that we have a shot of kicking them out, with AFA's help.

Come on, AFA!


  1. And why shouldn't they? I am sure that the AFA-CWA does not take kindly to the APFA's assumption that they will be in charge after a merger. Laura won't know what hit her, especially when she realizes she does not have throngs of adoring members.

  2. The AFA will seek representation as there are plenty of APFA defectors, especially when TWA flight attendants are added into the mix. Don't think that the AFA will stand down when the APFA tries to railroad over them. We know Laura's dirty tricks and how she's had designs on an increased membership and glory. Clearly from our end, its all about her and not AA flight attendants interests. Otherwise she would have heeded our warnings about Doug and his Trojan Horse.

  3. The chatter is spreading about the AFA's potential bid. Laura may not be around too much longer.