Friday, December 28, 2012

More secret negotiations

Have you heard anything new about the US Airways merger?  No?  Neither have we.  While the rumors are flying around fast and furious, our beloved leaders at the APFA are now taking part in secret, closed door negotiations about a merger.  Several media reports have stated that our flight attendant leadership has joined the pilots in merger talks.

Isn't it good to know that our leaders are off in back rooms making secret deals?

What we need is transparent leadership, not back room dealing.  Laura Glading is as much of a "good old boy" as anyone in the executive suite at American.  We know what Laura's interests are: a bigger paycheck, more members and a larger throne to sit on.

But what does Laura know about our interests?  If she knows anything, she certainly isn't saying it.  In fact, the lack of communication about what is going on behind closed doors is incredibly disturbing.  There's no accountability and no transparency.

If we wanted that, we'd go into politics!

Open the door, Laura.  And let us have a voice in important decisions about our future.


  1. Even pilots are questioning the secret merger talks. Since we are the ones actually paying for this representation, shouldn't all of our voices be heard? It seems as though our elected officials only want to hear from those that support their agenda.

  2. Now that the APFA has approved a MOU, when are we going to find out what's in store for us? Has Laura signed off on a raw deal for us or placed trust in the wrong person (Parker)? Knowing what I know now about Parker and the way US treats its flight attendants, I think Laura has us heading down the wrong track.

  3. Will we be allowed to look over and vote on the MOU?