Monday, December 3, 2012

Laura Glading refuses to take criticism

That's really the only way I can understand what she and the APFA have been trying to do recently, which is to shut me down.  In the best imitation of a dictator, Laura has ordered her cronies to find out who I am and come after me to shut me up. Obviously I am hitting close to home with these posts if she is so scared to have a critical voice out there.

Last week they cried to Twitter and had my account shut down, even though Twitter allows parody accounts, which mine obviously was.  Laura must have promised them free drinks for life on any American flight.

Last time I checked we lived in a Democracy, where all voices mattered.  APFA is supposed to be a democratic union, but more often than not Laura runs it like a mob, sicking her thugs on anyone who dares disagree with her.

Well Laura, I'm still here.  And still blogging.  And more and more American flight attendants are finding this blog every day. Good luck shutting me down.  You'll need it.

Recall Laura Glading!


  1. You speak the truth and that scares her. If more flight attendants opened their eyes and realize that we have been sold down the river by Laura and her minions, more will rise up and give her the boot.

  2. You know you are doing something right when people go to extraordinary lengths to shut you up