Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who is Laura Glading?

Three quick facts about Laura Glading, the current president of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants at American Airlines:

  • She is obsessed with having American merge with US Airways.  For some reason she wants her flight attendants to work for Doug Parker, whose own employees don't like him.
  • She received $115,595 in compensation in 2010-2011.  Those are YOUR union dues.  Do you make even half that much?
  • Her priorities are out of whack.  She let negotiations with the company drag on for years and years.  While the company bears plenty of blame, she was out trying to sell us to US Airways before we even had a bankruptcy deal settled.

We think it's time to recall Laura from office and put in someone who cares about APFA members and will fight for everyone's best interests.

What you can do:

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  2. Vote in our poll (coming soon)
  3. Sign our petition to recall Laura Glading
  4. Post comments letting us know what you think

Laura has a schoolgirl crush on Doug Parker


  1. I am so sick of Laura and her love obsession with Doug. Since she has met with Mr. Parker, she has been soley focused on getting us tied up with a subpar airline that will take us years to get above what we might have otherwise. Our contract agreement that we voted for is way better than any US contract. Most have no interest in getting involved with this nonsense, but our stupid union leadership will never care. We are caught in limbo and it stinks.

  2. The only reason she got so huffy about the early out (which should have been better) is that she knows she needs a whole lot of senior fa's to walk. If too many hang in there, she is going to have a hell of a time dealing with them and integration if there is a merger. She knows this full well so that's why she's practically pushing people out the door.

  3. Pretty hefty salary. But after years and years being a unionista instead of flying the line, what do you expect.