Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Glading on Seniority

With all the merger and seniority integration talk recently, our dear Laura has been talking about the screwing of the TWA attendants in 2001.  She said she feels that the list integration (or non-integration, really) was handled poorly.  No doubt every single TWA'er, and many AA'ers, would agree with that.

But as with most things Laura Glading, it's nothing but empty words.  She is trying to position the APFA for a merger with AFA-represented flight attendants at US Airways.  Imagine how much credibility she would lose if she backed a merger that resulted in all of us getting stapled to the bottom of their list.

But if Laura really felt strongly about this issue, why hasn't she said so sooner?

And further, if she truly feels it was an injustice ("really screwed up on that big-time"were her exact words) then why hasn't she used her power as president of APFA to push for reform?

The sad truth is that Laura isn't a flight attendant.  She's a politician.  And politicians are interested in two things: power and reelection.

I believe in judging people by their deeds, not their words.  In Laura's case, her lack of action on this important issue for former TWA'ers shows exactly how she really feels about it.

For shame, Laura.


  1. Now that the last of the TWA group is being recalled, Laura has that weight off her shoulders. Wonder what plans she has for US folks? What kind of empty promises is she going to make to get them to go along with a merger?

  2. TWA folks will be furloughed again if AA merges. Laura could care less. She led the stapling but now is playing nice to not spook the US people. They know they are outnumbered and most likely screwed like TWA in the end. Good luck to us all!